Below is a collection of testimonials from Wilderness Campground "happy campers". To submit your testimonial about your Wilderness Campground vacation, click here and submit through our contact us form.

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"Wilderness Campground is the greatest place to camp! We weekend camped here for about 8 years, then we were seasonal campers for 10 years. Now we are back to weekend camping and find ourselves returning to Wilderness the most because it is the best in our opinion. There are many planned activities to get involved in if you like that or you can kick back, relax and do your own camping thing, whatever is to your liking. Wilderness Campground is top notch!! "
Jon & Patti
Jon & Patti

"Everyone has memories from their childhood that will last a lifetime. Wilderness Campground is the place my kids will remember how they spent their 4th of July's as kids. It is a special place that we know we can escape to each year, to escape the pressures we deal with each day. No price can be placed on the piece of mind that comes from knowing that our kids will be safe, have a blast with all recreation opportunities available to them, and all the fun that awaits each and every day we camp there! Thanks Robert and Melanie for all you do to make Wilderness Campground the best campground in Wisconsin!"
Brad & Kris G.
Sherwood, WI

"My family and I were lucky enough to discover Wilderness in 2011 and have been there four times since. We have brought friends and other family members with us to share the experience each return trip. We all agree that this is the beast campground we’ve visited in Wisconsin. The place is clean, the staff is very friendly and accommodating and there is everything to do there. Each time we have visited, we’ve intended to spend time in the Dells but have yet to do so because the amenities and activities Wilderness has to offer have made the Dells wait. We plan to make at least one or two long weekends at Wilderness a part of every summer from here forward."

"We’ve camped for many years all over Wisconsin, including State Parks, County Parks, and Privately owned campgrounds. Wilderness is by far our favorite. The staff is always friendly, the check-ins are a breeze, the campground is the cleanest we’ve seen. The campsites are larger than most, planned activities are always fun, quiet time is quiet time and rules are enfoced. We always have a great time and look forward to our next stay. Thanks to Bob and Melanie for making this a very family orientated home away from home."
Brad & Karla C.

"I have been coming to Wilderness for the past 13 yrs and have never been to a nicer place. The staff is great and the other campers are very friendly. What puts Wilderness at the top of my list is the family atmosphere and the weekend activities. I have recommended the campground to many people and they have all had a good experience here. Thanks Bob and Melanie."
Fond Du Lac, WI

"We just wanted to let you know that we camped our first week with Wilderness on July 12-17 and LOVED your campgrounds! The staff and permanent people are so very friendly and we were surprised at how long some of the permanents have been with your campground. My husband was really impressed with your permanent locations and we eventually will be getting a permanent and Wilderness has been placed at the top of our list for a permanent location! Hopefully when we’re ready within the next 5 years you’ll have an awesome location available for us!
Thank you again for your great hospitality, and we will see you soon!
Scott & Kim K
Oshkosh, WI

"Wilderness Campground is our family's top pick for Wisconsin campgrounds. The amenities go above and beyond. Pool, lake, giant jumping pillow, playground, basketball court, paddle boats, canoes, showers, and water slides to name a few. Each day we are welcomed with new activities available for the kids and the adults. Not to mention the location, which is not far away from Wisconsin Dells. Wilderness Campground is a vacation we look forward to year after year."
Joe & Dana P.
Colgate, WI

"We came all the way from India and wanted to experience America. We saw the Grand Canyon, went to Alaska, and now we are here! (at Wilderness Campground)"
Keyur B.
the country of India, Outside_USA

"We stayed at your campground this Mother's Day weekend and I just want to say, "Thanks for the nice weather and Your Hospitality." Also, "Thank You for putting on the Mother's Day, donuts and coffee for us mom's. Hope all you Mom's had a Happy Mother's Day also. THANKS FOR THE FUN TIME and where better to try out our new camper."
Mark & Becky B.
Pardeville, WI

"Your restrooms are incredible!
I can’t believe how clean you keep them.
Even the outhouses are nice.
Tony B.
Kimberly, WI

Happy Customers
I just wanted to let you know that you have a wonderful campground and your bathrooms are the cleanest I have ever seen! :)

Melanie .