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Welcome to our new Seasonal Camper Information section of our website. This secure area of the website has been created to provide convenient access to information for our Seasonal Campers and allow them to be able to view and sign our Seasonal Camping Agreement and Liability/Waiver Statement online and to provide your Customer information electronically annually - to make the process smoother.

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Below you will find access to various documents and online forms for your convenience:

2024 Seasonal Agreement

2024 Seasonal Rates and Information

2023 Seasonal Rates and Information

2023 WCG Seasonal Camping Agreement(Please Print A Copy for Your Records)

2023 Online Seasonal Camping Agreement

Or Print A Copy of the PDF, Fill It Out and Mail It to: N1499 State Hwy 22, Montello, WI. 53949

Firewood Information

Firewood must be WDATCP or USDA certified. Please use the following link to find a certified firewood dealer.
Wood can only be brought in while the office is open and a receipt MUST be provided at that time as well.

Online Check-In Form (All seasonals must be signed in while they’re in the park.)

Seasonal Online Check In Form


100# propane tanks are only filled and delivered on Friday mornings, and must be ordered ahead of time. Please use the below form to pre-order your fill if you have a 100# propane tank. We can no longer get 100# propane tanks from our vendor. You can purchase an empty 100# tank from stores like Home Depot, Menards, etc. We can purge them for a $20.00 charge. 100# propane fill is $100.25. We can only fill and deliver if you have a credit card on file or if you pre-pay for it.

100# Propane Order Form

Propane Fill Times for smaller tanks: Noon and 4:00 p.m.

Winterizing Your Camper


CLICK HERE >>>2023 Winterizing Sign Up Form

Winter Camp Season


>>>Click HERE to Print a Copy of the 2023 Winter Contract<<<

Wilderness Campground, Inc.

N 1499 State Rd 22, Montello, WI  53949

Campground Phone: 608-297-2002

Emergency Line: 608-297-2002  – Option 3

2023 Extended Season Camping Agreement

Rates for Seasonal Renewed for 2024 Only

Oct. 9th – Nov. 12th, 2023   …………………..$150.00

Oct. 9th – Dec. 3rd , 2023   …………………..$250.00

(Hunters only weekend, Nov 17th 19th)

**Rate for Non Seasonal (by permission) ……….$300.00  

All rates are subject to 5.5% sales tax.                  

  • Rate applies to Family listed on regular contract only.
  • No visitors or visiting vehicles allowed.
  • All campground rules apply.
  • Please follow all pet rules, especially the leash rule.
  • There is no trash pickup. Any trash must be taken home with you.
  • There are no pump outs after Oct. 9th.
  • Keep bathroom doors shut! Please turn lights off when done.
  • You will be issued a key to the gate.  ($20.00 refundable deposit) This key is non-transferable and must be returned at the end of the season.
  • Do not let unregistered people in the gate!
  • If you find the gate locked open, please leave it open as we may be expecting a delivery, propane, or garbage pick up.
  • Fire dept access is limited during winter camp, so be extremely careful with campfires!!!  Not too large and doused completely when unattended.
  • Winter camping ends Dec 3rd.  Vehicular entrance to the campground is prohibited between Dec 4th and April 18th
  • We do not plow the roads during winter camp and are not responsible for any towing.
  • All of our lakes are spring fed, travel by vehicle and/or foot is dangerous and not recommended. Do so at your own risk.
  • The store is NOT open during winter camp, Propane tanks will be filled on a prepaid, prearranged basis. All winter campers should consider a 100 lb. LP tank.
  • Wear orange on any ventures off of campsite areas during rifle season (Nov.18th – Nov. 26th ) wear orange at all times, and stay out of the woods and off all hiking trails.

Seasonal Information Packet 

This is the same packet of information handed out in the beginning of the year just a digital more colorful version of the packet.
ATTENTION – BUILDING PERMIT APPLICATION HAS CHANGED! Please use the following link for the Marquette County Building Permit Application.

Submit A Work Order 

Do you have something on your site that needs to be taken care of? Eg., Leaking water spigot, missing backflow preventer, picnic table in need of repairs, etc. You can submit a ticket and we’ll get it added to our Grounds and Maintenance to do list. Please do not stop the guys when they’re out and about, unless it’s an emergency as it is a possibility they will forget what you need. We want to do our best to help you! Please submit a work order online by filling out the following form

Sign Up For the Seasonal Facebook Group

Selling Your Camper on Site

We will be allowing the Sale of Campers on Site Again in 2023. We have updated the Sale Form for 2023. 

Are you thinking about selling your camper on site? We would love to keep you as part of the seasonal family, but we understand things change in life. We hope you will come back to visit us or even revisit a seasonal site in the future! 

  • Please READ your seasonal agreement regarding when you can sell your camper on site.
  • In order to sell on site you must be a seasonal for at least 5 seasons. Campers MUST be 10 years or newer to sell on site. If selling on the RV Sales Lot, the unit can be older. (Does Not Apply to Park Models)
  • Please fill out and turn in the Selling Your Camper on Site form before you attempt to sell your camper on site.
  • We do NOT allow For Sale Signs in the campground. We like to keep our campground looking classy.
  • Camping units do need to be 10 years or newer to be sold on site. UNLESS, it is a park model, or you have authorization from management.
  • We do need to meet with the prospective buyers before any monies are exchanged. We like to know who is taking over the site agreement to ensure they are a good fit for our park.
  • Please allow 10-14 business days from the time the paperwork is completed, the sale is approved by management and the first half of the fee is paid for it to be listed. Thank you. We understand you would like it to be sold, but it does take time.
  •  Wisconsin DMV Trailer Title Transfer Information
  • CLICK HERE >>>Selling Your Camper On Site Information and Form<<<
  • *Please Note: Even if you’re not selling on site, you’re only selling your camper to someone in the campground, the sale still needs to be ran through campground management. *Especially, if you’re wanting campground staff and equipment to help move the camper. We do not guarantee we can move camping units from site to another. 
  • The seller and/or buyer is responsible for Tax, Title and Licensing. If you wish to have a record of the sale, you may also complete the Instructions for Selling a Vehicle form MV2928. The Bill of Sale is provided for your convenience, it is not a required by the State of Wisconsin. You may keep a copy with your records, and make a copy for the buyer as documentation of the sale. 
  • Within 30 days of a sale the seller needs to report to WisDOT the:

✓ Vehicle identification number (VIN) of the vehicle 

✓ Identity of the individual buyer 

Final Sale price 

✓ Date of sale