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Spooky Campfire Story Writing Contest

Posted: September 28, 2020

Chillier weather, darker evenings, and the lonely rustle of leaves scratching at the door – the perfect time for sharing a good ghost story! Here’s a chance to thrill us and chill us with your own best spooky stories.

PLEASE READ the rules carefully and fill out the form completely. For further questions, please email info@wildernesscampground.com with the subject line “GHOST STORY.” Have fun writing!


1. The contest is open to youth ages 7 to 15.

2. Submit your ghostly tale in one of the following age categories: Ages 7-9, Ages 10-12, Ages 13-15.

3. The contest runs until Friday, October 23rd, 2020.

4. The story must be your own work: either an original piece or a retelling (in your own words) of a ghost story that you’ve heard.

5. Judges will pick one winner in each age/story category, and winners will be announced the last week in October.

6. The winning authors may choose to have their stories shared on one of the campground’s social media platforms (with parent consent). A small prize will be awarded to each winner as well.

7. Limit of one story per writer. Individual entries only; group or class submissions will not be accepted.

8. The entries may be typed or LEGIBLY written. Entries may be submitted through this form https://forms.gle/mKe61CZ2GAmDsW4o9, or by emailing them to info@wildernesscampground.com with the subject line GHOST STORY.

9. Each entry MUST BE SUBMITTED WITH THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION: E-mail Address, Name, Age, Parent’s name, Phone number, Story Title and Story.